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Baher Group Ltd. delivers creative, meaningful and most importantly sustainable results through innovation, insight and teamwork.

We generate powerful strategic insight to address practical, real-world requirements and see each project right through to completion.  Our consultancy team consists of individuals from various cultural, professional and educational backgrounds form engineering to economics, giving us a competitive advantage in the business consultancy sector.  By daring to think outside of ‘the box’, we create customized approaches, rightly suited to our clients' needs and challenges, helping them achieve both immediate and long-term business objectives.  With broad and extensive knowledge, strong research and a tradition of teamwork, we take pride in delivering great results for every one of our clients. 

Based in a developing part of the Middle East, we are aware of the greater need for professionalism and honest effort.  We believe that with passion and hard work we can do good for our clients, ourselves and our community.



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Increasing Iran's SME's export

To help Iran increase it's non-oil export and achive a sustainable level, Baher Group Ltd. as a private party is planning.... [... Read More]

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