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Inter-company trading has surged over the past decade and will undoubtedly continue to expand as an important mode of economic recovery.

While global expansion continues, the regulatory requirements involved with foreign trade remain resolute.  Through a strong network of business executives, Baher Group Ltd. provide professional, top level services for all your international trade needs.

At Baher Group Ltd. we are aware of client demands and in the current global economy more is required than just a cold business relationship; Businesses insist on the highest quality of product or service, and professional care. With this in mind, we are able to provide a variety of international trade services.

International Trade Consulting

Our team is dedicated to guiding clients through all their international trade activities.  With an understanding of international policies and an appreciation of the diversity of international economic environments in which we function, we can provide comprehensive insight,  and make recommendations that add value to your organization.

Depending on your specific needs, our consultants could provide you with the following:

     - International Branding and Marketing Strategies

     - Logistics and Customs

     - Market Entry Strategies

     - International Regulations and Compliance

     - Outsourcing Solutions

     - Distribution Channels

     - Manufacturing Overseas


imageMarket Research (Quantitative and Qualitative), Competitive Inteligence

In order to help you gain a competitive edge, Baher Group Ltd.  provides critical competitive Intelligence and market Intelligence services. As well as delivering an overview of specific markets, we provide comprehensive, relative and functional insight of competitors and their current activities, expose competitive threats and uncover market opportunities that could considerably impact business strategy and outcome.

Services include:

     - Competitive Inteligence

     - Market Inteligence

     - Competitive Analysis


Company Representation and Lead Generation

Baher Group Ltd. provides regional and international representation services for domestic and international companies wishing to establish themselves in new marketplaces.

Our team of professionals will create and nurture leads such as encouraging/creating market demand for a variety of products and services immediately impacting your business.  by providing lead generation services we will increase your sales and meet revenue targets.

Distributor, Buyer and Agent Search

The Middle East, and in particular Iran, can be a very difficult marketplace to investigate.  Without local knowledge and guidance, finding prospective buyers or distributers can be a very challenging task.  Through a combination of international experience and knowledge of the local market our international trade consultants will work with you to maximize your search.


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