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  • 07 March 2010

    Increasing the SME's non-oil export
    Iran has long planned to achieve sustainable non-oil export.†

    As a private company, Baher Group Ltd. wishes to play a role in the development of Iran and aid the nation in increasing its non-oil export, even if only by a small scale.  Iran is a country of huge economic, social and commercial potential , however, with the current political and economical sanctions in place, it's maximum potential cannot be achieved.   

    Considering the current market in Iran, the number of SMEís with export potential and the increasing quality of products and packaging, when comparing the official figures of import and export, something does not seem right.

    For instance, in 2009-2010 Iranís export to import was at a ratio of 25 to 75. 

     With knowledge of the Iranian market and its potential, and the belief that export rates need to increase, we undertook research and discovered that one of the major challenges Iran faces is marketing commodities outside of its physical borders.  Existing studies carried out by private and official organisations support our findings.  Therefore, we plan to take the challenge of aiding increase of Iranian SME export rates by assisting and easing marketing of products and services internationally.


  • Updates of this project will be published accordingly.

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